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One of my favorite online art communities is deviantART. It is a great place to see interesting and beautiful art from others and share your own while fostering a sense of community. It is a lot like a blog, where you can post comments and interact with other artists.

On my most recent visit to the site I came across a contest they ran called “Project Positivity”. The competition closed awhile ago, but I still thought it was a very interesting idea so I decided to make my own. The project asked artists to create an image with text that lists at least 10 things that they like about themselves. Here were the rules that relate to this story:

  • You cannot ask someone else what they like about you, this is from your heart.
  • You must not be negative, even sneakily. (‘I like my hair because it makes people laugh’ for example is a negative comment in disguise. Throwing this rule in here to make sure you all stay positive).

I thought that given my recent negative experiences, such as dealing with the “angry letter” former client and just starting to recover what I hope will be the most traumatic events of my life related to my severe childhood abuse, I thought a little positivity might be in order.

So here would have been my submission for this project. I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you to do your own. Here is a low quality web version:

Project Positivity

I used this tutorial to help create this design. To see all artwork that was submitted on deviantART, click here or here for more.

Feel free to leave a comment just listing 10 things you like about yourself, or maybe you will even be inspired enough to write your own “10 Things I Like About Me” post. I hope you let me know if you do!

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