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Session Splash – May 26, 2009 Part 1*

Another two hour session. During the first hour my therapist and i discussed more trivial matters (not really trivial, but only compared to the second hour) such as my roommates friends saying they did not like me, writing someone who fired me an e-mail, about my therapist reading my blog and my ‘therapeutic’ status. In hour two we further discussed my diagnosis and dissociative identity disorder. This was a long session so these topics were split into three posts, this is Part 1 of Hour 1.

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New Library Page & Raising Money for iSurvive

This post is about the new Library page and ways to raise money for and help my favorite non-profit organizaiton,

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Why I’m Afraid of Spiders – Arachnophobia Part 2**

This is some further thought on an abuse story that describes why I have arachnophobia and how it relates to my brother.

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Why I’m Afraid of Spiders – Arachnophobia Part 1***

This is an abuse story that describes why I have arachnophobia. It is slightly graphic and also talks about my biological mother.

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iSurvive – Blogging for a Cause Part 2

Please help iSurvive raise money through Blogging for a Cause, a call to all abuse survivor bloggers!

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Lydia – Crazy Abusive Babysitter Part 2*****

This is Part 2 of one of the first abuse memories I ever recalled. It is also one of the most complete because of this. It is about a babysitter named Lydia. She was physically and emotionally abusive, her weapons of choice being Religion and the Belt.

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