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Behavioral tool used to offset or overcome adversity, disadvantage, or disability without correcting or eliminating the underlying condition

Session Splash – May 12, 2009*****

Breakthrough session were I am first able to talk about my abuse out loud. Double session so we talked about many things, including DID, making friends, coping with mental breakdowns and flashbacks, and PTSD habits.

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Free-Writing as Journaling

Free-writing might be useful to get feelings, emotions, thoughts and ideas out of your head. For me it is a good technique for journaling, or writing about recently recovered memories.

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My Early Warning Signs of Crisis*

Resource to identify early warning signs of a crisis for prevention.

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Daily Maintenance Plan (for Crisis Prevention)

This is a personalized “Daily Maintenance Plan” to help me stabilize my mental, physical and spiritual health. I prefered to keep mine simple and short. While I made it specifically for myself, it might help you get started on your own.

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Movie about Abuse – 8mm*

I have a memory about abuse that I have tried to write off to the a scene from the movie, 8mm.

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Menstruation & Mania

Is there a link between menstruation and mania? There is for me…

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