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Be warned that I sometimes curse like a sailor, and make no apologies for it. The way I see it, most topics I write about are the most powerful of my life, so I need some powerful language to express it. We are all adults – deal or leave!

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Trigger Scale Warning

-Please Read-

Please be advised that some material on My Monster may trigger abuse survivors. If you are unaware of what a ‘trigger’ is, it is when certain material may be disturbing because it contains images or language that may remind you of your abuse. This might be in the form of explicit material, (such as disturbing images) talking about abuse, religion, profanity, or suicide and/or death.

Any posts written that may be triggering will clearly be marked for your safety with a “Trigger Scale Warning”. This is indicated in two ways:

  1. There are 0-5 asterisk symbols (*) at the end of each post’s title .
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If you ever disagree with my rating, please let me know.