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I have found it helpful to know and track my “early warning signs”. These are your reactions to stressful events, or subtle signs that you need to find a way to relax or take some other further action.

Knowing the early warning signs of your stress level will can help you to prevent severe symptoms and situations. Download the Early Warning Signs Worksheet to see an example of my early warning signs (first page). I now find this a little over-complicated, and have thought of discussing a way to simplify it with my counselor. You can use this file (the DOC) to create your own customized version.

The next part of knowing your early warning signs is to know what to do when they do show up in your everyday life. I like having lists at these times, because my mind is usually very disorganized. The rest of the pages in the previous download covers five different areas, all with helpful (my personal) activity/idea lists:

  1. Activities
  2. Support
  3. Attitude
  4. Management
  5. Spirituality

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