Menstruation & Mania

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The last five days I have experienced severe mania. At first I just couldn’t sleep, getting about 8 hours in 3 days. I got a lot done, but no work and I felt exhausted and drank so much coffee I may have forgotten to eat. By the 4th day with hardly any sleep I felt ‘buzzy’ and ‘weird’ and was convinced I was going to need to see a doctor, at least to get some sleeping pills. And I hate to see the doctor because it is a big ordeal for me (no medical insurance or money).

On the 5th day I woke up feeling like a truck had hit me, but I actually felt better and tired, if that makes any sense. The kind of tired that let me know I would actually be able to sleep the next time I tried. Of course, this was because my period started. As soon as I realized that, I wondered how I didn’t associate my mania with the PMS stage sooner, as this is not the first time this has happened, although it hasn’t for awhile.

I started to wonder if I was the only one, or if there was some proven connection between mania and menstruation for women who are bipolar. Doing some research I found a few medical journal articles, but the results seem to be inconclusive.

Looking at less formal sources, I was able to find a little more support for my theory. I found a whole group of other women who share my experiences.

So what do I do when ravaged by the monthly mania and crazy flow? Going forward I will try to remember that it only lasts a few days, track my monthly better so I can predict when my PMS/Mania Madness will start, and the regular girly stuff.

My favorite remedies include:

  • Heat – a heating pad works magic for me, available at any local pharmacy!
  • Herbal Therapy – tea, aromatherapy, and long salt soaks in a hot bath
  • Potassium – I really have issues with getting enough potassium (something with how I process it), and I have heard this can help relieve cramps. It sure helps with my nighttime leg cramps!
  • Prevention – I find that things are easier each month if I have taken good care of myself – such as regular exercise, a sensible diet and plenty of rest
  • Take a nap!
  • Last resort – take an over-the-counter pain reliever, such as Midol
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  1. Thank you so much for joining and your comment! I really appreciate your support and insight. I am still reading pieces of your weblog. Very nice.

  2. hormonegoddess

    May 8, 2009 at 11:34 pm

    I have learned a lot from going through your web site. The mania part of the premenstrual phase may be due to too much estrogen – estrogen dominance – and using natural progesterone may help with some of that.

    Please look at Female Mystique on my web blog – the premenstrual phase is also a time of “letting go” releasing to move into the next cycle. This applies to the mental, emotional and physical aspects of ourselves.

    Often times the build up of pent up emotions cycle after cycle can lead to a manic feeling.

    I am glad that you have noted that this is a phase – too many women do not and suffer severe consequences.

    I hope that this has been helpful.

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