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My Monster now has an art Gallery page to showcase my personal art therapy artwork, and anyone else’s who wants to submit there. It will help to document my therapy process further, supplementing my Session Splashes, since I often engage in art therapy. My therapist is an art therapist and she has many supplies in her office for that use.

Next week I will be gathering the rest of my art therapy pieces from her to upload and photographing the work I have done at home over the last month into the various galleries. I will post about each piece individually or in groups so that there is some explanation and background about them.

I would like the gallery to help build community on the blog, and welcome all appropriate submissions from readers. If you have artwork that you would like to share, please contact me. Same goes with the Art Therapy page.

The Art Therapy page represents a collection of all the art therapy ideas and projects that have been suggested to me in therapy or that I have come across while doing self healing work.

Feel free to check out the new pages often, as I will be adding to them regularly. I hope that you enjoy the new additions to My Monster!

Picture from CutItOut (link to original source became broken as of 2013).

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