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Hello Readers!

You may have noticed that I have been gone for a few days. I am actually going to take a week off from writing, until next Monday, June 15th.

During my last session my therapist made a very good point, asking me how much time I spend doing research and such about abuse and related issues. So I am going to take some time off and try to live a little outside my head, even if it is still just around my home!

Talk to you soon.

My Monster Has A Nameā€¦ actually many. This blog is a safe place for me to share my healing journey from childhood abuse. The topics covered are at times controversial, offensive, horrific, and hopefully sometimes inspiring. Thank you for sharing in my journey.


  1. Yeah, I was annoyed with my therapist at first for pointing it out, until I realized I was really annoyed at myself!

    Thank you for your comment. Like I commented on today’s post, finding a balance is hard. But like you said, possible. So I keep trying to achieve a life! Thank you for reading.

    -My Monster (MM)

  2. Well, good for you. It’s difficult, I know, to strike a balance between figuring out your head and living your life. But a balance does need to be achieved if at all possible. Good for you, and for your therapist for pointing it out. Paul.

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