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Welcome to art therapy! This page is a collection of all the art therapy projects My Monster has come across. Some are from my therapists, (shared with permission) others from books and online, and a few are my own ideas. Please feel free to use these and share them with others!

If you have any ideas or projects that you would like to share, please contact My Monster.

What Is Art Therapy?

Since art therapy is relatively new, not many are familiar with it. Here are some terrific resources that explain what art therapy is.

Art Therapy Projects

General Projects

Projects for Reaching Goals and Solving Problems

  • Panic Book – Create small pictures or cards of things, places and people that help you to be calm, or that bring your mind into them and away from panic and anxious thoughts. Document your favorite things so that you can look at the images in times of stress to help bring you into the ‘now’. See My Monster’s Panic Book.
  • The Problem – Draw a picture that represents any current problem that you are having. Try to do this without thinking about it too much, just letting the process take over. Once done look at the drawing to see if it reveals anything new about the issue. It might help to set it aside and look at it the next day.
  • Tarot Personality Cards – Create visual representations of the ‘voices in your head,’ otherwise known as alters and/or personality fragments. Create one representation on each card. I suggest using collage art because it is easy to cut out symbols and pictures that remind you of each alter, and put them together.
  • Vision Board – This project can be an invaluable tool to helping you meet goals by making them visually tangible. Create a piece of art, or series of art pieces, that represents your goal or desired end result.

Activity Lists

Art Therapy Online

Art Therapy Blogs

Art Therapy Websites

Art Therapy Products

Now, I am not a representative for any of these companies or trying to get you to buy anything. These are just cool products that I have come across that relate to art therapy:

  • Buddha Board – Writes temporarily with water, inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment
  • Graffiti Research Lab – Outfits graffiti artists with open source technologies

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  1. An article done by HuffPo includes an interview with the (at the time of publishing) American Art Therapy Association President, Dr. Sarah Deaver. Adding this to your list would be GREAT!

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