…Please Read This!

If you need help now, please REACH OUT in whatever way feels most comfortable to you… Remember you are NOT the only one!

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Reach Out

9-1-1 (emergency only)
(800) 273-8255 (TALK)
(800) 784-2433 (SUI-CIDE)
Call a friend or relative

Suicide hotline lists:

Online Suicide Help

These resources can help you if you are contemplating suicide now.

Help a Friend

If you know someone you feel might be suicidal, or have a friend in crisis, here are some resources that can help.


Please be warned that some of the following resources may be extremely triggering to some. However, if you find solace in knowing that others have felt the same as you do right now, please dive in…

Inspiration and Relaxation

This list gathers some ideas and links that I found helpful for hard times.


Gary JulesMad World

SilverchairSuicidal Dream

Papa RoachLast Resort (Uncensored)

Music Lists

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