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The Anxiety Process

Description of a drawing done in session on August 08, 2007 as a response to my therapist asking me to draw the anxiety process.

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Feelings of Unreality*

This post describes the background behind the art therapy artwork “Unreality” created during session on January 05, 2009.

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New Gallery & Art Therapy Pages

My Monster blog now has an art gallery and art therapy page!

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My Monster Is Alive*

I am back and My Monster is alive!

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10 Things I Like About Me – Project Positivity

10 Things I Like About Me! deviantART recently ran a “Project Positivity” contest. This artwork would have been my submission if I had known about it in time.

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How Do You Feel Today?

This post is inspired by the How Do You Feel Today? Productions posters, to help you get in touch with your various emotions.

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