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A group of people affiliated by a blood, affinity or co-residence

Given Up****

I have fought my whole life to not give up. I think about suicide daily. I always have. It’s normal enough for me now.

I have tried therapy, but the money always runs out. It runs out because I cannot work and deal with this at the same time. I have tried, and I have failed. More times than I care to recount.

Then things got worse….

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PTSD Cost Benefit Analysis*

PTSD cost benefit analysis to weigh the “benefits” and draw-backs of having PTSD. Simple but powerful. This helped me to gain perspective.

From the book The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook by Glenn Schiraldi.

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Stuck to the Floor Dream*

I have had many reoccurring dreams through out my life. This is a recollection of one where I am unable to move or speak that I have had since the age of 5.

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Why I’m Afraid of Spiders – Arachnophobia Part 2**

This is some further thought on an abuse story that describes why I have arachnophobia and how it relates to my brother.

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Why I’m Afraid of Spiders – Arachnophobia Part 1***

This is an abuse story that describes why I have arachnophobia. It is slightly graphic and also talks about my biological mother.

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Lydia – Crazy Abusive Babysitter Part 2*****

This is Part 2 of one of the first abuse memories I ever recalled. It is also one of the most complete because of this. It is about a babysitter named Lydia. She was physically and emotionally abusive, her weapons of choice being Religion and the Belt.

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