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Session Splash – June 6, 2009**

These are session notes from an older session on June 6th. It is incomplete, but I still wanted to document the therapy process.

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Safety First Checklist Part 2*

This is Part 2, a further exploration of the Safety First Checklist from the “Survivor to Thriver” manual. This part discusses my therapist’s notes on Part 1 and specific risk reduction techniques.

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Movie about Abuse – 8mm*

I have a memory about abuse that I have tried to write off to the a scene from the movie, 8mm.

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Suicide/Harmful Behavior Checklist Part 1*

This is a suicide/harmful behavior checklist from the Survivor to Thriver manual.

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Stabilizing Your Life Part 1

This exercise is to identify areas of your life that may need attention before starting therapy, from the “Survivor to Thriver” manual.

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Safety Awareness Exercise Part 1

This exercise is to assess your awareness of danger signs, and is from the “Survivor to Thriver” manual.

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