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Social affinity in which one person stands with another person, closely understanding his or her feelings

Why I Started Therapy AGAIN – Part 2*

To sum it up simply, I started having an interest in starting therapy again at the start of this year because my life is the same shit it has always been. I want more from life. nd MY life wasn’t going to get any better until I could really put the past behind me, and start living MY life without all my daily burdens. I’m sick of beating myself up every day for something I haven’t healed from, and didn’t even really know how to as demonstrated from all the past posts on this blog. And that is when the bell rung for me – I didn’t KNOW HOW to heal. With that realization I decided I needed to give therapy another chance, from a completely different perspective.

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New Library Page & Raising Money for iSurvive

This post is about the new Library page and ways to raise money for and help my favorite non-profit organizaiton, iSurvive.org.

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iSurvive – Blogging for a Cause Part 2

Please help iSurvive raise money through Blogging for a Cause, a call to all abuse survivor bloggers!

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Safety First Checklist Part 2*

This is Part 2, a further exploration of the Safety First Checklist from the “Survivor to Thriver” manual. This part discusses my therapist’s notes on Part 1 and specific risk reduction techniques.

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My Early Warning Signs of Crisis*

Resource to identify early warning signs of a crisis for prevention.

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iSurvive – Blogging for a Cause

Blogging for a Cause – iSurvive.org

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