The Anxiety Process

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During a session on August 08, 2007 I created this drawing in response to my therapist asking me to draw the anxiety process:

The Anxiety Process

The Anxiety Process – can also be viewed in the In Session Gallery

Following is an outline of the six different parts of this drawing. These pieces are in order of how anxiety usually unravels for me:

  1. Black-centered explosion – feelings in my stomach. The black oval is the black hole that leads to depression
  2. Spiky tangled scarfs – tensed muscles
  3. Mountain/shoulder symbol, lips and sweat – this symbol represents many things, in this instance my shoulders. It also represents mountains, i.e. Arizona to me. The mouth represents me chewing on my lower lip, which I do when I am anxious or concentrating
  4. Yellow head with thought bubble – thoughts; usually about what ever is causing me anxiety. Sometimes, at other times, unconscious thoughts that either help to calm me or exasperate the situation
  5. Tangled scarfs – untwisting muscles
  6. Loose scarf – I told my therapist, “ I become like a scarf,” meaning that my muscles then relax, completing a return to my ‘normal’ state

I was not thinking much, as usual, when I did this drawing. I think this helps me to reach a sub-conscious part of my brain, which I guess is the point of art therapy, right? This process also demonstrates how an anxiety/panic attack develops for me as well.

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  1. It is really great that you are able to tease out what the process is for you. This is half the battle. I think it’s important to note that some of us get caught somewhere in the middle of this. Getting to the point of resolution (far right in your picture) for some of us can take a long time. Paul.

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